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Peter Greenberg Worldwide—Norfolk, Virginia—April 22, 2016

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462376_405559432804395_204064305_oThis week the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from Norfolk, Virginia and the largest naval base in the world. Scott McCartney of The Wall Street Journal provides an update the latest fallout from the United Airlines overbooked/booted passenger incident. Arnie Weissmann, Editor-in-Chief of Travel Weekly, talks about the hidden world of airline vouchers — and what you need to know. Norfolk historian Peggy McPhillips discusses the city’s heritage and surprise history. Glenn Sutch, President of Waterside District, talks about the new entertainment and dining destination coming to Norfolk next month and the local restaurants that are taking part in the revitalization of the waterside. Lloyd DeWitt, Chief Curator at The Chrysler Museum of Art, discusses Norfolk’s star attraction and their surprisingly robust collection. There’s all that and more as the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from Norfolk, Virginia.

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