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Travel Tip: How Balloons Can Become an Environmental Threat

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Image Credit: Sally R. Murphy

Image Credit: Sally R. Murphy

Who doesn’t like balloons?

Count me as one of the few who doesn’t—with a very good reason.

The next time you take a cruise, or even a day trip on a friend’s runabout, you’ll probably see them floating aimlessly in the water—discarded party balloons.

They seem to be everywhere.

They’re downright dangerous to the environment.

Balloons don’t just float up, up, and away—they also float down.

Many of these balloons are made of latex or mylar, and they don’t break down.

They sit on the water’s surface and cross paths with dolphins, whales, and other marine life—often killing them.

According to the UK-based marine conservation society, balloons are now posing a serious threat.

In the past 25 years, more than 1.3 million balloons—or pieces of them—have been removed from beaches.

But those are just the ones that floated in to shore.

So when you’re partying with balloons, please don’t launch them.

Keep them tethered.

The next time you travel, you’ll be able to enjoy a much cleaner, clearer sea.

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