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Travel Tip: How Millennials are Influencing the Travel Industry

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millennialsFor a long time, the travel industry tried to anticipate trends by following baby boomers.

Not anymore.

Today, the industry will be shaped by an almost obsessive focus on millennials and their travel habits.

Recent research from Expedia offers some revealing insights into millennial travel habits.

About 68 percent of millennials begin their travel planning online, and more than half use their smartphones or tablets while traveling.

That’s not too surprising.

But consider this—another survey by Bank of America showed that nearly 4 in 10 millennials say they interact more with their smartphones than they do with loved ones.

There’s also another very interesting trend: 42 percent of millennials will consider 2 or more destinations when planning their trips.

This is significant because it can also mean that folks are no longer thinking of destinations in a one-dimensional way.

They tend to have a shorter attention span and are flying less point to point.

What’s the result? They’re coming up with more creative itineraries.

Translation: a week-long vacation is less likely to mean simply going to one place and just sitting around the pool.

As a result, the travel industry is beginning to price more creative, multiple destination itineraries more competitively.

That’s good news for all travelers.

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