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Travel Tip: Pack Too Many Clothes? Here are Some Pointers

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hotel-closetGetting ready to pack for the holidays or just another vacation?

If you’re like most of my fellow travelers, you overthink—and then you overpack.

How many exercise outfits do you really need to take on that trip?

How many shoes?

Many of us tend to be addicted to technology.

As a result, we pack too many gadgets.

You know what that means—you’ll also be packing too many adapters, cords, and batteries.

So go ahead, make a packing list.

But then try to stick to it. Less is really more.

That applies to just about everything you might want to pack.

Allow yourself one exception if you absolutely must, such as an extra pair of shoes or a third pair of pants.

What’s my exception?

I pack it on every trip. I admit my friends laugh at me, but I always take a hardcover book.

It’s bulky and adds weight, but to me, few experiences are more enjoyable on a trip than sitting down with a book you can actually hold in your hands.

But that means I pack two fewer shirts to compensate.

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