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Travel Tip: The New World of Shopping Tourism

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Image Credit: @mallofamerica on Instagram

Image Credit: @mallofamerica on Instagram

The Black Friday madness is over.

But in many cities around the globe, welcome to the brave new world of shopping tourism.

It’s in England, France, and even Minnesota.

There are upscale designer outlets that have become travel destinations.

More than 1.3 billion people will travel within the next year.

A large motivator for that has been shopping tourism with itineraries built totally around the mall experience.

You can fly in, stay a few hours or a few days, shop, and then leave without ever exiting the mall.

We’re talking about high end luxury for less.

Some of the malls—like Minnesota’s gigantic Mall of America—have hotels inside, which even offer free shipping.

There’s also a 120-story outlet mall being built in Provence.

But try to pry yourself away from the stores.

It might be worth it to actually visit the location.

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