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Radio Guest List—InterContinental Barclay, Manhattan, New York—October 15, 2016

Locations in this article:  New York City, NY

This week, the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from the iconic and recently renovated InterContinental Barclay in New York.


Celebrating its 90th anniversary, the Barclay is one of New York’s oldest hotels and is a touchstone for anyone who wants a glimpse into the era of New York’s greatest architectural expansion. New York historian and author Donald L. Miller joins the show to explain the forces behind New York’s building expansion in the 1920s. Editor-in-Chief of Travel Weekly, Arnie Weissmann, drops by to explain the rise of transformational travel and how it might be the antidote to travelers’ worries about global unrest. Travel writer Seth Kugel discusses some of the conflicts of producing travel content in the age of TripAdvisor. Hervé Houdré, Hotelier and General Manager of InterContinental Barclay,  shares his passion for environmental sustainability and the ways that the Barclay is leading the eco-friendly charge—not only at the hotel but in surrounding New York communities. There’s all of this and more when the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio show broadcasts from the InterContinental Barclay in New York City.

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Bjorn Hanson, Clinical Professor at the Jonathan M. Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism, gives his insight on hotel availability and surcharges.

Arnie Weissman, Editor-in-Chief of Travel Weekly, drops by to explain the rise of transformational travel and how it might be the antidote to travelers’ worries about global unrest.

Donald Miller, New York City Historian and Author of Supreme City: How Jazz Age Manhattan Gave Birth to Modern America, gives the background of New York and an insight into the years of emerging talent in the city.

Hervé Houdré, General Manager at InterContinental Barclay, talks about the hotel’s 90th anniversary and recent renovations.

Seth Kugel, Freelance Journalist, Travel Writer, and Host of the YouTube Channel “Amigo Gringo,” gives his travel insight and shares details about his upcoming book.

Courtney Scott, Travel Writer for Expedia, shares some of her picks for new, must-have travel gadgets, as well as what we can expect for the future of airport dining.

Maddy Wachtel of the Billion Oyster Project discusses the process of saving discarded oyster shells, and the staggering impact of what that means for the ecology of New York Bay.

Orion Berge, Beverage Director and Mixologist at the Barclay, explains the evolution of the craft cocktail, as well as the 88 gins that the Barclay’s Gin Corner is offering its patrons.

Jennifer Grove, CEO/Founder of Repeat Roses, shares her passion for turning would-be waste into gifts of beauty for those who need it most.

Matt Lum, Food Sourcing Manager at City Harvest, educates us about the staggering amount of New York families who struggle to put meals on their tables, and how City Harvest is partnering with hotels and restaurants to meet these needs, head-on.

Willis Loughhead, Executive Chef at the Barclay, drops by to discuss the fallacy of phrases such as “farm-to-table,” and talks about his commitment to be a steward of the environment.

By Darra Stone and Kandice Martellaro  for PeterGreenberg.com