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Travel Tip: The Cheapest & Most Expensive Taxi Fares in the U.S.

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cabs finalThe battle continues between Uber, Lyft, Via and established city taxi cabs.

Some of the key factors have always been safety, liability, and the fares themselves.

In a growing number of cities, that is now the determining factor.

Honolulu and San Francisco have some of the highest taxi fares in the U.S., but cab rides won’t kill your wallet in cities like Detroit, Dallas, or Pittsburgh.

Then there are the surprises—the most expensive one-mile estimated fare can be found in San Jose, California at over $8.

The cheapest is in Tulsa at $3.70.

Driving about 10 miles? In Honolulu that would average about $41, but in Detroit that 10-mile ride will cost you just a little more than $19.

These are averages of course, and they don’t include tips or bad traffic delays.

But they can be helpful guides in determining what service you use in a particular city for the distance you want to travel.

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