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Travel Tip: The Benefits of Booking Unconventional Flight Routes

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airportIt’s time to be a contrarian traveler, especially when it comes to booking your flights and picking your flight routes.

Want to fly from New York to Australia?

If you’re coming from the Midwest or East Coast, conventional wisdom would suggest you fly west through California and then down under.

But what is a faster and often cheaper way to go? Head east instead and fly through Dubai.

How about points in Africa? Don’t just look at expensive nonstop flights.

Check out Turkish Airways—an airline that surprisingly now flies to 44 destinations in Africa through its hub in Istanbul.

How about Los Angeles to Nairobi? Try Qatar Airways through Doha.

Here’s a little secret: New York to Tel Aviv.

Some smart travelers are going on Royal Jordanian through Amman.

The flights are often cheaper, you get to stopover in Jordan, and then cross into Israel from either the Allenby Bridge or at the border in Aqaba into Eilat.

It’s all about the airline super hubs, and you’ll almost always find great connections, unique stopover opportunities, and yes, better deals.

Plus, in many cases, there’s better service.

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