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Travel Tip: Avoiding Data Overage Charges When You’re Traveling

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phone2It’s one of the biggest recurring problems for travelers overseas: getting hit with huge overage charges for wireless data.

In the last quarter of 2015, 28 percent of AT&T customers and 20 percent of Verizon customers paid for overages.

Our phones are so full of apps and websites that are heavy with video that we’re burning through more data than ever.

Averages for U.S. cellphones is 3 to 4 GB a month. But that’s just in this country.

Once you travel overseas, it gets worse. Plus some apps are data hogs.

It’s a no-brainer that streaming your favorite series on Netflix from a hotel room in Istanbul can easily hurt you.

So here’s my advice.

The minute you leave the U.S., turn off your data services on your cell phone and save all that usage for your tablet or laptop when you can properly log in on WiFi.

Otherwise be prepared for a huge sticker shock when you return.

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