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Travel Tip: Possible Issues with Driverless Cars

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carsWe’ve all heard about the concept of the driverless car, the autonomous self-driving vehicle.

While the technology exists to get one of these from Point A to Point B, researchers have a crucial challenge: How to program the ethical and moral choices human drivers have to make every time we get behind the wheel.

If you’re in a driverless car and another car goes out of control and comes right at you, what choice does the car make?

It’s not programmed to go outside the yellow line because it’s illegal.

But if it turns in the other direction, there might be a woman and a stroller in your direct path.

So, for the moment, expect driver assistance in vehicles—like anti-lock brakes and self-parking.

But until morality and ethics create reliability, we’re left with liability.

That means we might be another decade away from a truly driverless car.

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