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Travel Tip: How Kids Can Get Extra Credit While They Travel

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IMG_1292When I was a kid, my parents always liked to take the family traveling the week after Thanksgiving or the week after New Year’s.

That meant skipping a week of school, but my mother convinced the teachers to give me an extra credit assignment.

The result? We never traveled during peak periods.

My folks saved money, and the family got a much better travel experience.

The extra credit assignment to justify travel still exists today—with many more educational opportunities.

Parents can pick itineraries that include great interactive museums and learning experiences, zoos that offer overnights for children, or a book reading list that syncs with the locations you’re visiting.

If all else fails, leave the kids with the grandparents and give them the extra credit assignment of making sure the kids get to school on time and do their homework while you take a well deserved, affordable, and uncrowded week off.

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