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Watch Peter Greenberg on the Perry Como Show

It’s a video that’s been lost for decades…most people don’t know that I was a regular on The Perry Como Show for six years, from the age of eight until 12. I sang, I danced, and every Christmas I was also one of the kids sitting around as Perry told the Christmas story and then sang Ave Maria.

When I first did the show, they didn’t even have videotape. Two years later, NBC did have tape, but then lost it. Just a few weeks ago, my aunt, who remembered watching the show, asked if I had any tapes. I hadn’t seen any of the show, because I had been told the original kinescopes and tapes have been lost for years. Then my cousin found one of the lost tapes, from the Perry Como Christmas show in…brace yourself..1960! So here is an excerpt from that show!

By Peter Greenberg for