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Travel Tip: What You Should Know About Dinner Etiquette Overseas

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KillerChihuahuaYou’re traveling overseas, and you’re invited to a friend’s home for dinner. Do you know the proper etiquette?

Here are some important rules.

In Japan, remove shoes and make sure your feet don’t touch the ground before entering someone’s home. Don’t refill your own glass, as this can be seen as an insult to the host. Refill someone else’s, then wait until they reciprocate the favor.

If a Brit abroad invites you to “supper,” bring a gift, usually chocolates, wine, or flowers.

In Egypt, dress well and conservatively, as appearances are important to Egyptians. Don’t bring flowers, as these are reserved for weddings—or the ill.

When you’re finished eating, leave a small amount of food, otherwise they will keep filling your plate!

Going to dinner at someone’s home in Buenos Aires? Bring a bottle of whiskey or vodka. The country has a staggeringly high duty on imported spirits, so buy some duty-free alcohol upon your arrival at the airport as a gift for your hosts.

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