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Travel Tip: Peter Greenberg’s Tips for Avoiding Jet Lag

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Image Credit: Courtney Crockett

Image Credit: Courtney Crockett

Not a week goes by that I’m not asked for my advice about how I avoid jet lag—or I receive a new strategy, potion, lotion, or approach to curing it.

You can spend days looking at the Internet, researching jet lag cures.

But I’m one of those people who believes—based on personal experience—that jet lag is not really a medical malady but a state of mind.

I can’t tell you that my solution will work for you, but it has served me well for decades.

First, don’t eat airline food—assuming you can even find it. It’s heavy, starchy, and bloats you. The same is true with alcohol.

It’s a definite no-no—it dehydrates you. Drink plenty of water.

If you feel like sleeping on the plane, sleep. If you feel like working, work.

The key is when you land—no heavy meals the first day.

Also, do NOT take that nap. Instead, stay up until 11 p.m. local time, THEN go to bed. You’ll cycle. Repeat on the return trip.

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