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Travel Tip: How Camping Has Entered Into the Sharing Economy

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Image Credit: Irene Moore

In summer, camping and RV sites can fill up fast—sometimes weeks or months in advance. But by talking to the right people, you can find spaces that aren’t necessarily available to the general public. is basically Airbnb for camping, allowing people to reserve spaces on privately owned land, as well as public campgrounds. You can also leave ratings and reviews to help others make their own decisions.

Outside of the U.S., you can go “gamping.” You heard that right. Think of it like garden camping. is a French site that opens up private land to campers, and it lists its amenities: showers, Wi-Fi, is there a swimming pool or barbecue on site? You get the picture.

If you’ve secured the space, but are missing camping equipment, check out It’s a peer-to-peer platform to rent outdoor gear so you’re not locked into buying a whole set of new equipment.

For more information about camping, check out:

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