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Travel Tip: Is Google Taking Over the Travel World?

hotel roomGoogle has quietly launched a feature that lets you book a hotel room through its search engine.

Traditionally, you could search for a hotel on Google, but then you had to click over to the hotel’s website or a third-party site to complete the transaction. Now your payment can go directly through Google.

This came on the heels of TripAdvisor launching a similar service. You can search for hotels on TripAdvisor, and reserve through its Instant Booking feature.

In theory, it’s an easy way to search, choose, and book in one place. With Google, if your payment information is stored on Google Wallet, the transaction is even faster.

But it does limit your ability to comparison shop. Not all hotels are on Google or TripAdvisor and you could get a better deal by shopping around or calling the hotels directly.

Other sites like HotelTonight or Priceline can get you access to unpublished rates.

Just because it’s convenient doesn’t necessarily make it the best deal.

For more information about booking online and with apps, check out:

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