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Radio Guest List—Soho Grand Hotel, New York—July 11, 2015

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soho grand hotelThis week on the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show, we broadcast from the Soho Grand Hotel in Manhattan. Joining us is NBC news correspondent Kerry Sanders to chat about world news events such as the terrorist attack in France earlier this year and the Taiwan water park accident.

Then, The Wall Street Journal‘s Scott McCartney talks about using third party services to book hotels and flights and how those are the reservations that have more of a chance of being bumped.

Also joining us is New York Observer food critic Joshua David Stein, who gives his top restaurant picks within seven minutes of the Soho Grand Hotel. Natasha David, mixology consultant, elaborates on the educated consumers and their expectations for high quality drinks. There’s all of this and more when we broadcast from the Soho Grand Hotel in Manhattan.

Click here to listen to the show, streaming live from 10 am until 1 pm ET on Saturday, July 11, 2015. Call in with your travel questions at 1-888-88-PETER (1- 888-887-3837) or email (Write “ASK PETER” in the subject line)

Joshua David Stein, food critic for the New York Observer, dishes about his top restaurant picks that are less than 10 minutes away from the Soho Grand Hotel.

Kerry Sanders, NBC news correspondent, talks about world travel news including the terrorist attacks in Paris early this year and the recent Taiwan water park accident.

Max Falkowitz, Editor for, discusses restaurants that are doing disservice to other restaurants (e.g., Italian restaurants with a man outside singing “That’s Amore”).

Tony Fant, President and CEO of Grandlife Hotels, explains why finding the right designers gives the hotel a unique sense of community. The Soho Grand building was built from the ground-up, but it has the feeling of an older building.

Ellen Levitt, Author of Walking Manhattan: 30 Strolls Exploring Cultural Treasures, Entertainment Centers, and Historical Sites in the Heart of New York City, chats about Manhattan’s parks and what areas such as Riverside park have to offer outside of Central Park.

Anthony M. DeStefano, Author of Gangland New York: The Places and Faces of Mob History, describes the history of organized crime in lower Manhattan.

Natasha David, Mixology Consultant to the Soho Grand Hotel, explains some of the differences between the 50+ whiskys at the SoHo’s Grand Bar.

Scott McCartney, Travel Editor for The Wall Street Journal, details why some customers that are buying hotel rooms from third party sights are getting bumped for those buying directly from the hotel.

Terry Maxon, Journalist for The Dallas Morning News, tells us why airlines are pulling out of low yield destinations.

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