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Travel Tip: How TV Tourism is Influencing Travel

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Cr4nkbob1337

Listen up, couch potatoes. There’s a way to incorporate television into your travels and I don’t mean on your iPhone—it’s TV tourism.

More and more places are capitalizing on the fact that TV can actually inspire people to travel.

Can’t get enough of Downton Abbey? Well, now you can spend a night at Highclere Castle, where the show is filmed. The guest quarters is called London Lodge, just at the entrance of the estate. Unfortunately, no formal dinners or valets come with the price of admission.

The city of Albuquerque saw a rise in tourism from Breaking Bad fans. Now the state of Georgia is seeing visitors who are inspired by…zombies?

That’s right, with Big Zombie Tours, fans of The Walking Dead can visit sites like the hospital and the CDC. As a bonus, all the guides have worked as zombie extras on the set.

For a TV outing with a twist, how about a Mad Men cocktail tour? You’ll stroll on Madison Avenue and other Manhattan streets and order ’60s cocktails at famous watering holes along the way. Yes, dressing up is highly encouraged.

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