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Peter Greenberg Worldwide–Wine Road, Northern Sonoma County, California–January 24, 2015

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WineRoadSome folks call it the “ground zero” of wine making, and perhaps for good reason. For starters, Sonoma County goes beyond the corporate wine culture and has always celebrated diverse family owned vineyards and wineries. And one way to go is the Wine Road in Northern Sonoma County. And that’s where Peter Greenberg Worldwide is broadcasting this week.

Guests include Travel + Leisure News Editor Amy Farley, who talks about the difficulty in redeeming frequent flyer miles and then Ziggy “The Wine Gal” who discusses her improbable story of wine and rock and roll—and how she began designing customized wine programs for touring bands.

Also joining us is former Sonoma County Police Chief Susan Jones who details her time in service as an openly gay law enforcement official and how Sonoma county accepted her—she’s now a current city council member—and her special hidden travel gems in the county. All this and more from the Wine Road in Northern Sonoma County, California.

Check out this week’s guest list, listen to the latest all-local podcast, and stream the full show below.

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