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Radio Guest List—Wine Road, Northern Sonoma County, California—January 24, 2015

Locations in this article:  Santa Rosa, CA

wine roadSometimes referred to as “ground zero” of wine making, Sonoma County doesn’t just have corporate wineries, it has a plethora of diverse, family-owned vineyards and wineries. One way to experience this world of wine is with the Wine Road in Northern Sonoma County. The Wine Road is an association of wineries and lodgings that gives guests a layout of the area, winery locations, and organizes events for wine lovers to enjoy.

This week’s guests include television and radio personality Ziggy “The Wine Gal,” who puts together wine programs for touring bands and shares details about Sonoma County’s history. Former Sonoma County Police Chief Susan Jones talks about her time in service and what it’s like to be a city councilwoman. Then, Lauterbach Cellars’ Stew Lauterbach explains how the county has grown from both the perspective of a winemaker and his role as an emergency physician. All this and more from the Wine Road in Northern Sonoma County, California.

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Ed St. John, winemaker from The Pedroncelli Winery, goes into detail about how people were still able to get their wine during the days of prohibition. He shares the significance of Sonoma County and the family-made quality of wineries in the Sonoma County area.

George McKale, Honorary Historian for Sonoma County, delves into the county’s history from the first winery to the significance of the first mission. He shares how wine actually saved Sonoma County from burning down in 1911 and discusses current archaeological findings still being found in Sonoma today.

Santa Rosa Fire Chief Anthony Gossner explains how the current drought has affected the practices of local fire stations. He mentions his favorite places to eat and he explains why not just anyone gets to go on a ride along.

Stew Lauterbach, Owner of Lauterbach Cellars and an emergency physician, shares how he and his family run a complete winery from a two-car garage. He breaks down the similarities and differences between winemaking and working in the trauma center. He tells the story of the first wine he ever made, which wines are his favorites, barrel tasting, and techniques used to avoid pesticides.

Ziggy “The Wine Gal”, local radio personality and wine expert to rock stars, tells her story of how she started creating wine programs for some of the biggest bands on tour…including Journey!

Bill Hoban, Editor for the Sonoma Index-Tribune, explains why newspapers are still important. He talks about the most significant historical findings in Sonoma County, why the drought is not a horrible thing for the wine industry, and which local restaurants are the best finds.

Nicole Bacigalupi from the Bacigalupi Winery, explains what it was like to grow up on a winery. She shares what it takes to become both a certified wine educator and a certified wine specialist. She explains why her family is known for their Chardonnay and how Chardonnays have become modernized, making them different from what would normally be expected.

Susan Jones, City Council Member and former Sonoma County Police Chief, shares details about the role of a police chief in Healdsburg and just how easy going the town is. She shares what it was like be an openly lesbian Police Chief and why she felt encouraged to move to Sonoma County, and explains the issues the county faces, as well as surprises the town has to offer.

By Kandice Martellaro for PeterGreenberg.com