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Travel Tip: Flying with Skis and Snowboards

Skiing-Riding_2_web-300x213A lot of skiers and snowboarders choose mountains that are within driving distance…and for good reason. Flying with all that equipment is cumbersome. But there are ways of flying with skis and snowboards in tow that get you and your gear to your final destination without too much hassle.

Most major airlines consider a ski bag and a boot bag one piece of luggage. You’ll have to pay the standard checked bag fee, but not the oversized bag fee.

However, you will be charged extra if the bag is overweight.

Invest in a quality case specifically designed for snow gear, either padded or hard-sided.
In fact, some airlines limit their liability if the equipment isn’t packed in a hard-sided case, so check with them first.

Or, you can skip the hassle altogether and ship your gear ahead of time. Companies like Luggage Forward and even FedEx have dedicated programs for shipping ski gear from door to door.

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