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Radio Guest List—Aulani Disney Resort & Spa, Hawaii—October 4, 2014

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aulani-resort-exterior-at-sunset_196x81Hawaii, the most recent state to join the union, has a culture different from the mainland. After being added to the United States in 1959, the series of islands has their own culture, climate, and language. This week, Peter Greenberg is traveling to Oahu to hear how a Disney resort has impacted the island. The Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, has a lot to offer, including a bar where all the bartenders are required to speak native Hawaiian.

Joining Peter this weekend will be Anne Banas, Editor of, to talk about her recent trip to Hawaii and how the islands are embracing the farm-to-table movement. Then, we speak with Andrew Doughty, author of the Hawaii Revealed Guidebooks, who shares his favorite spots on the island of Oahu—as well as some things visitors might want to avoid.

But don’t forget about the Disney magic! Kahulu Desantos, Aulani’s cultural advisor, explains how the resort has added touches of the expected Disney flair while remaining true to Hawaii’s culture. All that and more on this week’s radio broadcast from Aulani, a Disney Hawaii Resort.

Lianne Thompson, Managing Editor for the Oahu Publications’ Magazine Group, talks about how Aulani relates to the culture of Oahu and how you can still watch the sugar train near the hotel every Sunday.

Honolulu Fire Department Captain David Jenkins gives us the history of Oahu’s fire department and his favorite spots to eat on the island of Oahu.

Kahulu De Santos, Aulani’s cultural expert, explains how Disney has infused Hawaiian culture and the importance of the connection to the land. She also gives a quick history lesson of the island’s royalty.

Robbie Dingeman, journalist for Honolulu Magazine, explains why locals like to stay at the Aulani and how it provides the Disney experience on the island.

Kevin Chong, Executive Chef of Aulani’s Ama Ama restaurant, talks about how he works with local growers and asks them to grow specific things for the Aulani restaurant.

Andrew Doughty, Author of the Hawaii Revealed Guidebooks and creator of the Hawaii Revealed App, explores the man-made lagoons at the KaOlina up and coming resort and the various attractions that Oahu has to offer.

Kevin, an Aulani bartender at the Olelo Room, talks about integrating Hawaiian culture into the Aulani by speaking the native language at the resort and requiring all bar tenders to be fluent in Hawaiian.

Anne Banas, Editor of, discusses the farm-to-table movement in Hawaii and its impact on local cuisine and restaurants.

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