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Travel Tip: Running Late? Check Out These Traffic Apps

heavy trafficWe all know that texting and driving is a big no-no. But what if you’re stuck on the road and running late?

Well, if you can operate your phone safely, there are some traffic apps that can help.

One tool called “Find Me” uses GPS to send your exact location through text message or email to a contact. It’s one click to send the information, instead of trying to type out the message yourself.

Another one is called Glympse, which shares your location and estimated arrival time. So, if you’re running late, you can alert a contact and they can track your whereabouts on their phone.

You know how people used to say, if you have a problem, write to your Congressperson?

Well, one app called I’m Stuck, actually sends a report directly to Congress whether you’re on the road, on the tarmac, or on public transit.

The idea is to alert the government where our infrastructure needs to be fixed, so you don’t run into the same issue in the future.

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