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Radio Guest List—Sundara Inn & Spa, the Dells, Wisconsin—September 6, 2014

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sundaraThe Wisconsin Dells has long been the summer vacation destination for many in the Midwest. The Dells are the “Water Park Capital of the World,” but there’s a lot more to the Dells, including a rich Native American history.

There are more than 90 attractions in the Dells that range from adventurous activities like zip lining, scenic boat tours, and of course, water parks. But an interesting fact about this area is that most of the attractions were started by families who have been here for generations.

This week, Peter broadcasts from Sundara Inn & Spa, where nature meets relaxation. Sundara is a bit of an oasis in the midst of the the hectic waterpark destination, with many visitors saying stress relief is the number one reason for visiting the spa.

Peter talks to Rick Duarte, the spa manager of Sundara Inn & Spa, to see what growing trends are being implemented at the spa. He tells Peter about his recent trip to India and how he incorporates traditional practices from around the world.

Peter also discusses the importance of preserving nature in the area with Debbie Kinder, the president of Stewards of the Dells.

Check out Peter’s full list of guests below:

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Filip Filipov, head of B2B Skyscanner, talks about what to expect in travel over the next few months, including changes in airport regulations.

Scott McCartney, of The Wall Street Journal, quips with Peter about the long lines at customs and what this means for international travelers—as well as U.S. citizens trying to come into America.

Debbie Kinder, President of Stewards of the Dells, discusses the long legacy of preserving the natural beauty of the Dells river corridor.

Jaime Baertsch, Wisconsin Dells Brewery Brewmaster, will discuss some of the best beers coming out of Wisconsin, including some craft beers that have been a huge hit with locals. She also gives the inside scoop on how to bring them home with you.

Scott O’Donnell, Director of Circus World, talks to Peter about the history of the circus and its connection with Ringling Bros. They also quip about the last time they met, including a story about someone getting a pie in the face!

Patrick Smith, pilot and author of Askthepilot.com, discusses some of his favorite on-board stories, including armrests from hell and some annoying (and noble) flight attendant habits.

Melanie Tallmadge, of Sainz of the Little Eagle Rock Foundation, talks about her history with the Dells and shares some vintage photos of her mother and her family’s longtime commitment to Native American arts in the area.

Tom Diehl, President of The Tommy Bartlett Show, talks about what has changed in the famous water show (hint: not that much) and why the same show has worked for more than 50 years.

Tom Lucke, of the Wilderness Resort, talks about his favorite outdoor activities in the Dells, including some of the best places to see wildlife.

Dr. George Archibald, co-founder of the International Crane Foundation, teaches Peter some interesting facts about the Whooping Crane in the area and ways the foundation is working to keep them safe.

Philippe Coquard, winemaker at Wollersheim Winery, talks about the surprisingly good wines coming out of Wisconsin, including one from his winery that won wine of the year, beating out famous California wines.

Susan Johansen, a representative from Devil’s Lake State Park, talks about the historical designation of the park and what that means for the state of Wisconsin. She also discusses some of the area’s beautiful, natural wonders.

Sean Kelly, author of Home Bases, talks about one of the most interesting ways to explore London—by exploring it via military tourism. He teaches Peter’s audience that London has some of the best wartime history, from WWII through the Cold War.

Rick Duarte, Spa Manager at Sundara Inn & Spa, talks about some of the latest trends in spas coming out of a recent trip from India. He also discusses how Sundara is unexpected in the Dells and is the leader for “grown-up visitation” to the area.

By Alyssa Caverley for PeterGreenberg.com