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Travel Tip: How to Childproof a Hotel Room

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childproofWhen traveling with a small child, your hotel room can become a danger zone.

You can’t always secure your kids, especially in a new environment. But you can take some steps to secure their space. Here’s how to childproof a hotel room.

First, get on their level. That means literally crawling around the room to look for hazards like unsecured cords, electrical sockets…. and look under the bed for sharp bed frames or loose items someone left behind.

Home childproofing kits usually have more tools than you need.

But a company called Travel Tot has come out with a portable childproofing kit that includes foam corner guards and cabinet locks.

You can also take a do-it-yourself approach at the hardware store. Stock up on gaffers tape to cover sharp edges, sockets, and even secure loose wires without stripping off the paint.

Here’s one area that most people overlook: the balcony. While the railings may be high enough, the real danger is the space between the iron bars. Bring some plastic mesh that you can tape to the railings to secure that space.

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