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Travel Tip: Airlines Are Now Offering Automated Check-In

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planeTechnology has made it easy to check into flights before we leave the house.

Now, the latest trend is automated check-in, which saves you another step in the process.

Checking in early confirms your seat, so if the flight is overbooked, you’re less likely to be bumped.

It can get you into an earlier boarding group, which means you have a better chance of nabbing an overhead bin.

JetBlue now offers free automated check-in for customers. Twenty-four hours before your flight, you’ll get an email with a boarding pass that you can print or download.

Southwest has open seating, which is why it pays to check in early. It offers early boarding for a price: the Early Bird option is $12.50 each way; or pay $40 at the gate to be in the first boarding group.

On some United flights, you’ll be given the option for auto check-in on your return flight or for remaining segments.

Most other airlines haven’t quite caught onto this trend, but believe me…if it proves to earn additional revenue or get ahead of the competition, they’ll do it.

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