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What Happens When Flights Avoid Areas of Conflict

Today, Peter Greenberg went on CBS This Morning to discuss how the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 could change the future of international flights.

Two days ago, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) had a meeting in Montreal to get government guarantees that airlines will be safe when flying internationally. There are more than 39 areas of conflict around the world right now, and some airlines have existing no-fly zones.

In order to avoid flying over areas in conflict, airlines may need to change their long haul flight paths. This would mean making flights longer, which would have an immediate economic impact. Flights would use more fuel, stops would be added to non-stop flights, and additional crew members would be needed.

Peter predicts that airlines will reach out to governments to prevent this from happening. Watch the video below to learn more about how airlines—and flight paths—have been affected around the world after MH17.

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