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Travel Tip: Why Homeland Security Cracked Down on Mobile Devices

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devicesIn the past few weeks, you may have noticed travelers facing a lot more security regarding their cell phones and other electronics.

Here’s what’s happening…and why.

Passengers entering the U.S. on international flights may now be required to turn on their cell phones at security.

If your battery is dead and the phone doesn’t turn on, you may have to undergo additional security.

While no one has announced any specific terror threats, these orders are coming directly from the top. The Secretary of Homeland Security directed the TSA to increase security measures on overseas flights to the U.S.

One of the biggest concerns is that a smartphone could be a good place to hide a bomb. The way an X-ray machine works, it may not be able to detect the difference between a battery and an explosive device.

It’s not just cell phones. If you’re flying back to the U.S., your laptop and tablet may also undergo additional screening, like swab tests. Even your shoes may warrant an extra inspection.

As for how long….well, that remains to be seen. So, keep watching this space.

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