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Travel Tip: How to Make International Calls

PHoneIn theory, communicating when you’re abroad is easier than ever. But for technophobes—yours truly included—the information can be hard to navigate.

Here’s how to make international calls.

Data, browsing, and calling plans are all different things, and if you don’t plan right, you could be nailed by some nasty fees.

A company like TravelCell can help you figure out the right service depending on HOW you’re traveling.

Maybe all you need is your cell phone, and they’ll supply you with a SIM card; or maybe you don’t need a phone at all as long as you have a portable wireless hotspot.

Once you have the right device, make sure you have the right tools.

I’m definitely a Skype convert. To make calls, video chat, or send messages, it’s all free when you’re online and connected to other Skype users.

iMessage and FaceTime are free messaging services among Apple users.

Also, consider WhatsApp Messenger. It lets you send texts, video, or voice messages for free, no matter what device the other user has.

Bottom line: It’s not exactly easy out there, but the solutions are getting more and more user-friendly.

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