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Travel Tip: How to Read a Map Offline

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mapThere are several ways get directions on your smartphone or tablet. But until recently, you needed a Wi-Fi signal or 3G connection to access that information. Here’s how to read a map offline.

TripAdvisor has updated its app to let you download maps, reviews, and photos.

Just search for the city or location while you’re connected, tap a button, and the information will be downloaded to your phone. We’re talking about as many as 300 city maps around the globe.

But, there are some other tricks you should know about.

If you have the latest version of Google Maps on your iPhone or Android, you can download the information to work offline. Sign in, find the location you want, and then type in the phrase “OK Maps.” That will bring up a prompt to save the map onto your device.

City Maps 2Go was designed specifically for offline use with road maps and points of interest. What’s really cool is the GPS works even if you’re not connected, so you can track your location without using any data.

Another trick? Take a screenshot of your map, so you have a quick backup in case you lose connection on the road.

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