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Travel Tip: Book A Repositioning Cruise for Fall 2014

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wonderIf you haven’t heard of a repositioning cruise, listen up, because it’s one of my favorite ways to sail.

This is when cruise ships migrate to their winter ports. Instead of sailing empty, the cruise lines sell them as one-way trips.

The drawback is that it may require a one-way flight…or two. But you can save on cruises that reposition between domestic ports, with some interesting international stops along the way.

Royal Caribbean has a 13-night cruise in October that leaves from Boston and arrives in Tampa. Along the way, you stop at four Caribbean ports, including St.Kitts and Aruba.

Disney Wonder has a 14-night trip from San Diego to Port Canaveral. To get there, you actually navigate the Panama Canal! Not to mention stops in Mexico and Cartagena, Colombia. Try finding that itinerary during the normal season.

Norwegian Cruise Line has a similar Panama Canal cruise, from Los Angeles to Houston. This one is a whopping 16 days long. Starting at $1,200 a person, that’s about $75 a day and it includes meals and entertainment. Not a bad deal.

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