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Travel Tip: Small Ship Cruises for Nature Lovers

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whitefacedmonkeyThere’s a lot of news about mega cruise ships, but taking small ship cruises is also becoming wildly popular, especially among nature lovers.

These niche cruises really are small, so it’s a more intimate experience; not just on board, but also in getting access to more remote areas that bigger ships can’t reach.

On Un-Cruise Adventures, you can sail on an expedition vessel off the coast of Washington, go kayaking among the San Juan Islands, visit seaside towns, and get up close to marine life.

Iceland is a lot closer than people think, but most people fly to Reykjavik…and stay there.

Tauck Small Ship Cruising actually takes you all the way into the Arctic Circle.

Along the way, you’ll visit small fishing villages and explore volcanoes, hot springs, and fjords.

While the Galapagos Islands are synonymous with nature cruises, there are other lesser-known destinations out there.

AdventureSmith Exploration has yachts that can get you into Panamanian nature preserves, or deep into the Amazonian jungles of Ecuador.

Just remember, no Bingo games or midnight buffets are included.

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