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Travel Tip: How to Complain on Social Media

New-Twitter-Bird-LogoWhen it comes to complaining through social media, you have the power to reach millions.

But your voice can also get lost in the clutter. Here’s how to complain on social media.

There are three rules to complaining: never take “no” from someone who isn’t empowered to say “yes” in the first place; keep a paper trail; always be clear and polite.

You can post a complaint on Twitter and tag @Delta but it’s far more effective to tag @DeltaAssist, which is the dedicated customer service account.

You’re more likely to get someone who is empowered to help you.

An agent may ask you to DM—or direct message—the details.

Lost luggage? You’ll need your claim number.

An overbooked hotel? Have your confirmation code.

You’ll also need names of anyone you’ve spoken with in person or over the phone.

You only have 140 characters to tell your story on Twitter.

Facebook has more space, but keep it concise…and polite.

This is being posted in a public forum, and it does you no good to be aggressive or long-winded.

Bottom line: the medium may have changed, but the methodology remains the same.

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