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Travel Tip: Car Safety Features That Can Save Your Life

volvoWhen it comes to our cars, safety features that were once luxuries are now necessities: Seat belts, air bags, crumple zones.

Now, more cutting-edge safety features are becoming more common.

One of the car safety features you should take note of is auto-braking, which alerts you—and even stops the car—if there’s danger ahead.

Volvo uses a combination of a camera and radar detection to monitor the speed of the car ahead of you. It can even detect if a cyclist suddenly swerves in front of your car.

Both Ford and Audi have a system that senses if car is drifting from the lane; your steering wheel will vibrate to alert you. That tool is also helpful in combating drowsy driving.

Some Mercedes and Toyota models have active night-vision systems that allow you to see beyond what’s visible to the naked eye, using infrared technology.

But remember, even older cars can be retrofitted with aftermarket features like night-vision screens and backup assistance cameras. So you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to feel safer on the road.

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