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Radio Guest List—The Peninsula Shanghai, International Luxury Travel Mart—June 28, 2014

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shanghaiShanghai is the largest Chinese city and the largest city proper by population in the world, with over 24 million residents. This week, Peter Greenberg will broadcast from the Peninsula Shanghai and the International Luxury Travel Mart. We are joined by industry insider Nury Vittachi, an Indian journalist and writer based in Hong Kong, who elaborates on the changes that have happened to Shanghai in the last 10 years and the influences of luxury travel.

Then Sarah Spangnolo of Travel + Leisure elaborates on the increase of customization to luxury travel. More hotels do their homework to create an experience that is geared toward each individual guest. You can listen to all of this and more on this week’s radio broadcast from the International Luxury Travel Mart and The Peninsula Shanghai.

Click here to listen to the show, streaming live from 10 am until 1 pm ET on Saturday, June 28, 2014.

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Priscilla Alexander, former President of Protravel International, discusses the change in airline travel throughout the last few decades and what initiatives work, like Global Entry, and what don’t, like TSA PreCheck.

Nury Vittachi, Indian journalist and author based in Hong Kong, talks about changes in Shanghai, China’s skyline, and the impact of the Bund River on both tourism and industrial areas.

Sarah Spagnolo, Digital Editor for Travel + Leisure, talks about the rise of customization in luxury travel. Hotels are doing their homework and creating personalized experiences for each guest.

Gilad Bernstein, founder of UTrip, dicusses how to get credible information on getting the best prices for airfare.

Mary Gostelow, Founder of The Gostelow Report, defines what luxury means to her. Simple things like a cup of coffee arriving on time make all the difference.

Robert Cheng, the Peninsula’s vice president of marketing, talks about the hotel launching the “Academy Program.” At Chicago’s Peninsula, they have a firehouse tour that kids take to learn about fire safety. In Shanghai, they have a tour of a designer’s workshop.

Riya Thanissorn, director of Truant Designs, talks about creating a custom travel experience for travelers. Whether you have kids, are looking for adventure, or want to find the next best thing, she designs an experience that is tailored for the individual’s needs.

Mario Jobbe, Co-Founder and COO of Circos Brand Karma, talks about how luxury brands are utilizing social media data to better understand their customers. They are also using social media as a tool to use customers to reach other customers, such as using real customer photos from Instagram on their websites.

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