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Hidden Gems of St.Petersburg Clearwater

Local Sustainable Fish: Hidden Gems of St. Petersburg Clearwater

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peterJust about every restaurant in St. Petersburg Clearwater offers the Catch of the Day, and it’s local sustainable fish.

If you happen to catch your own fish, you can take it some place only the locals know about: Waltz Fish Tank in nearby Madeira Beach.

This restaurant serves only the catch of the day, whether it’s been caught by you or other local fishermen. Owners Walt Gerbase and Sue Zirneskie have a unique mantra. They only serve freshly caught fish straight from the boats of local captains.

If they run out of fish…they close down. So, when they say catch of the day, they really mean it.

If that doesn’t seem like enough fresh fish, you can find a new spot slightly past Clearwater that’s been added to an old favorite.

The Olde Dunedin Fish Market in Dunedin has been in the same location for 60 years. Three years ago, The Olde Bay Café opened up, which has a similar philosophy about fish—the fish you enjoy in the afternoon was caught that morning. Within that time, the restaurant became a favorite among the locals.

Watch the video below to see Waltz Fish Tank and The Olde Bay Café up close.

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