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Travel Tip: Craft Beer Breweries to Visit

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beerWant to know one of the biggest travel trends of the decade? Beer…and a lot of it.

I’m talking local craft beer breweries that make only small batches.

There are only about 2,800 of them in the U.S., but they’re actually competing with the big guys.

Believe it or not, Vermont has the most craft breweries per capita.

Not all of them are open to the public, so look for a guided experience like the Burlington Brew Tour.

That will get you behind the scenes to meet the brewers and see the process from the inside.

The Pacific Northwest is practically synonymous with craft beer—with nearly 300 breweries in Washington and Oregon.

Bend, Oregon, has its own “ale trail,” with 14 breweries.

Not only do I suggest getting a designated driver, but also look for a tour that pairs beer samples with food—you’ll thank me by the end of the day.

Colorado has over 150 breweries, many of which have free tours.

Since locals are so into the outdoors, look for events like biking and brew tours or canoeing and beer tasting.

Just, you know, be sure to stay hydrated with all that activity.

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