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Travel Tip: How to Find the Perfect Travel Credit Card

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Credit CardsThere are travel credit cards that get you points, cash back, airline miles, and free hotel nights. So how can you figure out what works best for you?

The real answer is, it all depends on your travel habits and where you spend your money. There are some sites out there that analyze exactly this kind of information for you.

One of the best resources is It breaks down travel-related credit cards by interest rates, annual fees, sign-up points, and it estimates how much you’ll save per year based on the rewards. is all about beating the system to maximize your loyalty program. There’s no simple chart, but there’s a tool that will make credit card recommendations based on your spending habits.

What’s cool about a site called is that they have real-person reviews. So, you can learn directly from the people who use those rewards cards.

Plus, keep your eyes on a new consumer site, Yes, it’s got a funny name. But they’ve got some great tips on which cards make sense, whether you’re earning airline miles, gas credits, or other financial perks.

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