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Airlines Concerned About Unruly Passengers On Flights

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On Saturday of last week, an unruly JetBlue passenger began yelling during a flight to Las Vegas. The man lunged at a flight attendant who restrained him, while he began kicking his daughter.

Today, Peter Greenberg went on CBS This Morning to discuss the issue of unruly passengers. Most often the main contributing factor is alcohol. If passengers have a lot of down time before a flight, they often drink, and then continue to drink on the flight. While this may not seem like a problem, elevation increases intoxication levels.

Airlines have reported 28,000 incidents with unruly passengers since 2007. There were 8,000 incidents in 2013 alone. Watch the video below to find out what happened on the JetBlue flight, how often these types of incidents occur, and Peter Greenberg’s take on a solution.

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