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Radio Guest List–Virtuoso Symposium, Adlon Kempinski Hotel–June 7, 2014

Locations in this article:  Berlin, Germany Buffalo, NY Shanghai, China

berlin 4This week, the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show airs from the Adlon Kempinski Hotel in Berlin. Most people know of the hotel for Michael Jackson’s famous baby-dangling incident, but there is so much more incredible history about the hotel sitting just outside the Brandenburg Gate. The original hotel Adlon opened in 1907, but was mostly destroyed near the end of World War II. The hotel as it stands today opened in 1997, but is modeled after the original design.

Our broadcast found its way to the Adlon for this year’s annual Virtuoso Symposium. Virtuoso is one of the travel industry’s leading networks. This organization includes more than 330 agencies with 7,200 advisors in 20 countries throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Australia, and New Zealand. Every year, Virtuoso holds its Symposiums in a carefully chosen destination that is relevant to today’s travel and tourism. It’s no surprise that Berlin was selected for 2014, placing in the top three European destinations for tourists last year.

This week’s guest list is quite a treat, and includes travel industry aficionados like Mathew Upchurch and Sir Rocco Forte, to fill you in on the of the breakthroughs discussed in the symposium. We also hear from hotel historians with Michael Jackson gossip you’ve never heard. With Berlin being the European hotspot of the moment for artists and musicians around the world, it wouldn’t be right to have a radio show without hearing some of the amazing local talent.

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Mathew Upchurch, CEO of Virtuoso, joins Peter to chat about what they both agree is the hottest city in Europe right now: Berlin. They also discuss changes in the travel agency sphere, and where things are headed in the future.

Jurgen Bemmerl, Executive Chef at the Adlon Kempinski Hotel, fills Peter in on the hottest new restaurants in Berlin, along with a few dishes you might be surprised to find in Berlin…like buffalo. Chef Bemmerl also shares stories from past hotels, and why he won’t be buying “cat food” Mackerel in Shanghai anytime soon!

Mia Aegerter, Swiss-German Singer/songwriter, performs one of her latest songs. She also shares her hidden gems of the city from restaurants to the best places for street art, and why she keeps moving back to the city she calls “a magnet” for artists.

Sir Rocco Forte, Chairman and CEO of the Rocco Forte Collection, knows a thing or two about a great hotel. As one of Europe’s leading hoteliers, Sir Rocco Forte provides some trustworthy advice about what to look for when booking your next hotel, along with some of his biggest pet peeves. He also discusses trends in the hotel industry, the mass movement to Asia, and the current state of opportunity in Europe.

Kristen Korey Pike, CEO and founder of KK Travels Worldwide, talks about the specialization needed in travel consultancy today and how clients are smarter and better traveled than ever. Raised in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Pike also talks about the changes in the Middle East, and some must-visit destinations like Beirut. Her two hot spots for 2014? Puglia, Italy and South Africa. Tune in to find out why!

Franz Höckner, Bar Manager at the Adlon Kempinski, discloses his secrets about Michael Jackson’s famous baby dangling stay. You’d never guess that there were 150 moonwalking doubles in the hotel with him! Franz is also a magician, and tells Peter how to win the famous nutshell game on the streets of Berlin.

Annie Fitzsimmons, NatGeo’s Intelligent Travel’s Urban Insider, shares the first three things to do when she arrives in a city. The order? A local dog park (without a dog,) a library, then a small neighborhood grocery store. You’ll have to listen in to find out her reasoning, and why her favorite dog park of all time is on Cornado Island.

By Courtney Crockett for Peter Greenberg.com