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Travel Tip: How to Find Senior Discounts

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Senior Peace China VisitOnce upon a time, travel providers really catered to seniors, offering substantial discounts to their silver flyers. But today, those deals are much more limited. Here’s what’s still out there.

When it comes to airlines, senior discounts have gone the way of the dodo.

But Southwest Airlines still offers senior fares for travelers 65 and older. It’s not necessarily the cheapest rate, but these tickets are fully refundable, and don’t have to be purchased in advance.

One place you can still find reduced rates for seniors is car rentals. If you have an AARP or AAA card, you can usually match or better those existing deals.

Amtrak’s discount gives travelers 62 and older 15 percent off the lowest available rate on certain trains.

Many hotels have senior discounts, but they only offer 5 to 10 percent off.

Call the property directly and ask for the best available rate first, and then for the senior discount on top of that.

Unfortunately, you’re probably not going to find senior discounts on a cruise. Why? Because on a lot of ships, that’s who’s cruising!

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