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Travel Tip: Airport Services Go Mobile

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msp ipadI’ll admit it, when I first heard of airports offering food delivery through your iPad, I thought…why? How lazy can you be?

Turns out, there are a lot of reasons why sitting at a restaurant or wandering through an airport shop simply isn’t practical, and airport services can make traveling easier.

For example, you’re charging all of your electronics and can’t unplug, or you’re flying standby and have to wait at the gate. Perhaps you have small kids who need to run around for a while.

The Minneapolis, LaGuardia, and Toronto airports have installed installed iPads in the waiting area, where you can order food delivered straight to you.

In Southern California, John Wayne Airport has a new concept called “At Your Service.” It’s a rolling cart where you can pick up amenities that you normally would at a retail shop—snacks, sodas, even those neck pillows.

Let’s not forget those self-service kiosks all over airports these days.

Everything from Best Buy machines stocked with gadgets to kiosks filled with toiletries that are three ounces or less—so you can pick up the forgotten items that won’t get confiscated by security.

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