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This Week’s Biggest Travel Blunders

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Has Anyone Seen My Little Handheld Plane?

It’s easy to laugh at teenagers, but sometimes adults remind us that you’re never too old to make embarrassing mistakes. US Airways received a couple of angry tweets from a customer complaining of their delayed flight. The airline responded, “We truly dislike delays too and are very sorry your flight was affected.” The angry customer tweeted back “Yeah, you seem so very sorry.” Then US Airways responded with this graphic tweet of, well, click the link if you dare. Warning: It’s definitely NSFW.

The airline took down the graphic response an hour later and apologized:.


But that was too late for the Internet. Here are some of the best responses to the inappropriate tweet:





The official US Airways position is that an unaffiliated Twitter user originally posted the offending picture on their feed as a prank. It was then flagged by the airline as inappropriate. Later on, when responding to the angry customer’s tweet about delays, US Airways was going to put a link to the complaints webpage but somehow linked to the picture instead. The Internet is just a series of tubes, right?