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This Week’s Biggest Travel Blunders

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It’s been an interesting week for travel, with people making some major faux pas when it comes to common sense and social etiquette. It all began with a single tweet from a 14-year-old girl. Between copycats and  inappropriate photos, the Internet has been abuzz with serious travel blunders. Here’s a look at all the poor choices made this week, plus one video that will reinvigorate your faith in the meaning of travel.

Bombs Away

Teenagers just want to be cool, and what’s cooler than getting arrested? On Monday, a 14-year-old Dutch girl named Sarah tweeted to American Airlines:

1st tweet

American Airlines gave this response:


Sarah sent a flurry of panicked tweets:

2nd tweets

In the end she was arrested by the Rotterdam police. Ironically, the local police posted a Tweet of its own:

police 3

Another girl copied Sarah and made a similar threat to Southwest on Twitter: “hello @SouthwestAir my name is armin from Iraq & I just wanted to let your team know that there will be an explosion taking place soon bye.” The Twitter user’s name? Well, see for yourself.

Southwest Airlines responded in the same way:


Once the Twitter user realized the original poster had gotten arrested for the tweet, they responded to Southwest: “HELLO @SouthwestAir I AM DEEPLY SORRY FOR WHAT I SAID. I DID NOT MEAN IT AND WILL NEVER SAY IT AAIN. I APOLOGIZE.”

As these things go, teens read the tweets and came to a mature, reasoned conclusion: do the exact same thing to major airlines. After receiving similar threats from airlines, they backtracked in the timeless “Whoa, whoa I was joking!” teenager cop out.