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Radio Guest List–Eurostar–April 19, 2014

Locations in this article:  London, England Paris, France


Taking the train between London and Paris is common for both American and European travelers. This week, Peter Greenberg broadcasts aboard the Eurostar rail while en route between the two capital cities.

Listen in as he interviews the travel editor of Vanity Fair, the train manager of Eurostar, and a concierge who once worked with actor Ralph Fiennes. He also speaks to a woman who moved from France to London and gives her unique take on the two cities. Find out more about this amazing ride that only takes about 2 hours 30 minutes when Peter broadcasts live from the Eurostar.

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Victoria Mather, travel editor of Vanity Fair, reveals some of her favorite ways to give back, including a skiing vacation in Switzerland where you will get more than just fun in the snow.

Ellen Hardy, contributor to Time Out Paris, shares some of her favorite places in the City of Lights as well as some things you might not know about its nightlife.

Simon Thomas, head concierge for Browns Hotel, talks about the changing business of the position, including some of the craziest things he’s ever been asked to do. He also tells a great story about how actor Ralph Fiennes got his start at the hotel.

Lucy Symons, reporter for Green Traveller, discusses how you can travel while helping the environment. She talks about her favorite green hotels where you don’t even notice you’re conserving energy, including a hotel that doesn’t have toilets.

Andrew Wallis, Guards Museum historian, gives us his take on the famous guards ceremony and why it’s so popular for visitors. He also reveals the true nature of the relationship between the guards and the Royal family.

Stefan Van Sant, Eurostar train manager, tells us about all the upgrades the train is preparing for in the next few years, including Wi-Fi on all trains – even in the Chunnel.

Fabienne Henry, a French writer living in London, gives a French perspective on London and what she finds is the biggest cultural difference. She also reveals where to find the best cake in London.

By Alyssa Caverley for PeterGreenberg.com