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Travel Tip: Why Hotels Are Getting Rid Of Room Service

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Ever Snacks Hotel Roomwondered why you’re agreeing to pay $15 for a pot of room service coffee? Well, those days may soon be over.

Room service is notoriously overpriced. Upscale hotels assume their high-paying guests are willing to pay $20 for a sandwich for the convenience alone.

They’re counting on the fact that people are willing to splurge when they’re away from home…especially if they’re on vacation or are business travelers with expense accounts.

But even at those prices, room service isn’t a moneymaker for hotels. That’s why it’s beginning to disappear.

Now what we’re starting to see are more grab ‘n’ go options right in the lobby.

Another new trend: hotels that actually deliver groceries to your room so you can prepare your own food. For example, Affinia Hotels in New York—which has kitchens in its rooms—partnered with FreshDirect so you can order groceries ahead of time.

But if you want my money saving tip…just ask the front desk to empty out your minibar, and then hit the local grocery store. You’ll get exactly what you want for a fraction of the price.

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