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Treat Mom to These New Spa Treatments

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It’s Pixie Season in Ojai


The Oaks at Ojai spa in California is giving guests a real pixie treatment and no, we don’t mean the haircut. It’s Pixie tangerine season, and The Oaks at Ojai Spa is offering an All Things Pixie theme.  As you enter the spa, the staff—dressed in tangerine T-shirts— will greet you with a platter of Pixie wedges and Pixie-infused water. After check-in, you can enjoy massages with a Pixie tangerine seasonal scrub and a pedicure with Pixie juice scrub, while drinking a green cleansing Pixie juice drink. There are also cooking demonstrations that include chocolate mousse infused with Pixie tangerines. There are seasonal menu items to choose from for dinner…even Pixie sweet potatoes. Once you are all Pixied out, you can participate in cardio classes and tone and strength classes.