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Travel Tip: How To Choose Your Own Hotel Bed

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hb-ens_xxlrgAsk anyone who travels and one of their favorite things about hotels is the bed. Now you will be able to choose your own hotel bed.

The Four Seasons has a new program that effectively lets you choose your own bed style. Their beds have three different mattress toppers: regular, firm, and plush, and they can be switched out based on your preference.

Frequent guests—well, they don’t even have to ask. It will be ready for them when they arrive.

One of my favorite hotel services is at The Benjamin hotel in New York. These guys actually have…a pillow menu.

You can pick from all different types of pillows, whether it’s hypoallergenic, anti-snore, or…the full-body pillow. Snuggle up!

If you come back from your hotel thinking that was the best night’s sleep you’ve head in a while…why not order one for yourself?

Most of the big-name hotels actually sell their furniture and décor straight to guests.

Like the Westin’s Heavenly bed—the first week they put those beds in hotels, 35 guests called to ask how they could get one—and the hotel-retail concept was officially born.

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