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Potential MH370 Debris Spotted: What It All Means

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370debris.comPossible MH370 debris has been spotted off the coast of Australia in the Indian Ocean, but there are a few things that need to be done before investigators can link the objects to the missing aircraft.

First, investigators are working with an inventory list from every manufacturer and subcontractor of the Boeing 777 to identify the model and serial number of the all elements of the plane—the seats, the carpet, and the overhead compartment. Once a diver has retrieved the debris, they will check these resources. Then, upon confirmation, they need to work back 12 to 13 days of ocean currents, speed, and direction to determine where the plane may have entered the ocean.

But, that’s just the start of the investigation. Looking at Pan Am in Lockerbie and Air France Flight 4477, a few conclusions can be drawn from the debris. Learn about the continuing challenges in Peter’s CBS This Morning report.

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