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Travel Tip: How to Eat With Locals

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Food Indian Street food, credit: Michelle Lippand travel go hand in hand, but why waste time in overpriced tourist traps? Instead, you can find authentic experiences if you eat WITH locals. Think of it as a supper club for travelers.

One helpful resource is called It’s basically a social-media network for foodies, where you can join a meal hosted by a local. The idea isn’t to go out to the hottest restaurant; it’s to spend time with locals and share cultures over a home-cooked meal. Oh, and it’s free.

Cookening was founded by French foodies, and lets you dine with locals in their homes. You can filter your options by what languages they speak, the type of food, and how much you should contribute.

Other similar programs include Eat With, which can be found all over Europe, and With Locals, which connects travelers in Asia.

But, are they safe? All these networks have some built-in security features, like detailed profiles and reviews from other users. You can also communicate with hosts in advance, so don’t be afraid to ask questions before showing up for dinner.

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